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Burger Challenge
Burger Challenge

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Burger Challenge

Play Burger Challenge Burger Challenge is an online HTML5 game presented by GirlsUGames for free to play online on many browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, and more. As well as playing on mobile, tablets and smartphones like (Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nokia and Windows Phone). Burger Challenge game has been rated as one of the best cooking games for girls on our website.

Enjoy your free time playing it and try a new adventure, collect points to get your exclusive reward at the end. Discover all-new girls games regularly added on our games categories for free!

Play Burger Challenge Game

Game Description: Are you one of the burger-lovers? If yes, so, try to take several burgers before your friend does! You require to grab the spinning burgers by the intermediate part. First of all, one to grab five burgers on a spinning tray wins the game. Plus, watch out for the randomly transpiring -1 and +1 estimates on the tray, these numbers will define your end result in + or - points. You can play against the computer or in multiplayer mode. Use mobile touchscreen controllers or “W” – “Up Arrow” on your keyboard. If you liked any of our games including this one and want to tell your friends to play it as well, all you need is share it on social media using the below buttons for Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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  • How to Play: Mouse click or tap on mobile screen.
  • Developer: Gamedistribution
  • Published: Sep 10, 2019
  • Played: (24) time(s)

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