About GirlsUGames

GirlsUGames is a browser games website with more than 100 thousands of monthly active users. It highlights free games for girls ranging from cooking to decoration games. The most popular tags and categories are dress-up (fashion & models) games, make up games, medical games, hairdresser games, and girl games. We carefully choose every high-quality game to add to the website.

Beside up-to-date technologies, the browser has grown extremely to become a powerful gaming platform. Marvelous 3D graphics and native-level performance are becoming possible without the necessity for apps, downloads, or platform-specific extension. We are an innovative firm at the lead of this market and are producing tools to help game developers to completely use it. Therefore, we have built a Developer Portal to make publishing browser games easier.

Our Vision

AKA, The browser is for sure the gaming platform of the future: Thanks to WebAssembly and WebGL, the browser is becoming as powerful as native. In addition, it’s universal and friendly. Gaming will run on the browser, just like news, document managing, and TV.

Our Team

Waleed Barakat manages the technical side of the website, as well as helping us to improve product quality and marketing. Waleed is a businessman graduate from Egypt.

Our Company

GirlsUGames was founded in July 2019 by Waleed Barakat. It is operated from Egypt.